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Prima Locations is an international market place for virtual office and business services. We take care of promoting internationally so you can focus on providing the very best virtual office and business services for international clientele via Prima Locations easy-to-use trading platform.

Adding your location will only take a few minutes, then you are ready to reach clients from all over the world. We take care of invoicing, payments and further marketing.

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We make sales easy for you!

Prima Locations offers a unique combination of international visibility and effective tools for managing relationships with clients.


Prima Locations targets businesses and entrepreneurs working with international clients. We make it easy for your clients to find you!

Client service

We believe that offering a clear user experience is good client service. It helps you to offer effective solutions and clients find what they need.

Client management

We remove the pain of providing services for international client base by taking care of invoicing and payments and by offering standardized contracts.

Increased sales

Prima Locations offers an effective platform for repeat sales and wide service portfolio. We enable you to build client relationships effectively.

Prima Locations Ltd is a Finnish privately own company that focuses on developing Prima Locations online service.

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How does Prima Locations work?

Add your location and services

Add basic company information and details of the virtual office and business services you offer.

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Agreement and sales

Sales can be started on the Prima Locations online platform by agreeing the terms and conditions.

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Client service

You can contact clients on the Prima Locations online platform. Messages will be delivered to client's email.

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Invoicing and service fees

Prima Locations will collect agreed sum from the clients and deposit the funds to your bank account after deducting 15% commission + transaction fee.

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Prima Locations Ltd Oy is a Finnish privately owned company that focuses on developing Prima Locations online service. We aim to create the most effective and user friendly experience for both hosts and end clients. Operating with international clients should be easy and we are here to make it happen.