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Add Your Location

Title: You can add your services to primalocations.com by adding your locations and attach your services to that. Location is one address. You can name your location however you like but we (Prima Locations, PL) suggest that you name it by its Address like "Mannerheimintie 12". This is the Title.

Description: Describe your location and services with in Description. Description should be normally not more than 300 words because clients can have more information from each service. 

Country: Select the country your location is. 

State: State is not mandatory but there are countries which the state is very substantial information to customers like in the USA.

City: Write down the city your location is.

Address: Write down your location address.

Images: In the image gallery upload the images for Your Location. Select Album cover which is showed as a main image in the search results. When you are ready, click save. 

Services: Add services for your location. Add title, short and long description. Short description is shown immadiately below title. Logn description is shown when clients want to have more info about the service. Short description is normally max 50 words and long description should fit to the A4 paper. 

Service types: You can have three types of services: 

Price: Fixed price means you can ask certain amount Euros per month of the service. This is for the services which are standardized. Clients pay first moth when they order this service. If you choose "Request for Offer", the client sends you Request for Offer and you have to send an offer to the Client.